Safety Rules

  • The welfare of the children playing on BrincaPlay equipment is left with the hirer. BrincaPlay and its employees accept no responsibility for any injuries caused whilst playing on BrincaPlay equipment.
  • All children must be supervised by an adult when using BrincaPlay equipment
  • BrincaPlay equipment is only suitable for age ranges between 0 and 5 years old and MUST NOT be used by any adult or child older than 5 years old.
  • Socks must be worn at all times
  • No shoes, sneakers, flip flops or sandals to be worn on the mats, soft play items or in the ball pit.
  • No food, candy, gum, or beverages in the play area and/or while playing on any of BrincaPlay equipment.
  • No pushing, shoving, wrestling, horseplay, or piling
  • No more than the recommended amount of players at any one time
  • All sharp objects must be removed before play (including pens, pencils, jewelry, knives, eyeglasses, bling on pockets, etc.)
  • Any equipment damaged during hire should be removed from the play area immediately to avoid possible injury and reported to BrincaPlay.
  • Please keep all equipment supplied by BrincaPlay dry and out of the rain.
  • Please ensure you keep the equipment on the mats that we supply to avoid damage and possible injury to users.

Payment, Deposit and Charges

  • A 50% deposit will be required to secure any booking of BrincaPlay. No booking will be deemed to be confirmed until the deposit is received in full.
  • Cancellations less than 7 days prior to the event will result in the loss of the deposit.
  • The remaining balance will be required 48 hours prior to the start of the event.
  • Any equipment lost or damaged will be charged at the full replacement/repair cost.

Delivery, Setup and Collection:

  • Please be aware of the sizes of all our equipment that you wish to hire and ensure you have enough space and clearance for it at your venue. No refund will be made if the space set aside for the equipment is too small and inappropriate.
  • In the event of inclement weather, an alternate location is required. If 48 hours prior to the date of the event the hirer has not been able to find an alternate location, we have the right to cancel the booking or reschedule to a different date. The new date will depend on availability.
  • All equipment is supplied in sound condition. It is this responsibility of the hirer to check its condition prior to the event and report any damage.
  • Please be aware of the Play Rules leaflet which accompanies the soft play area.
  • Hours of hire are between 09.00am and 19.00pm unless prior arrangements are agreed.
  • Collection after 19.00pm will be chargeable at $20 per hour up to 21.00pm.
  • Collections after 19.00pm must be agreed upon prior to the hire and may not be agreed in every instance.
  • Should a collection later than 21.00pm be required, an overnight hire charge of $60 will be chargeable. Overnight hire may not be agreed in every instance and will be decided upon on an event by event basis.
  • Overnight hire will only be granted if the equipment is in a safe secure location and protected from the external elements at all times.
  • The hirer will be responsible for the safe keeping of the equipment throughout this period.

Release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk, and indemnity agreement.

I understand that using soft play equipment and associated activities, including but not limited to, running, jumping, crawling, walking, climbing, and collisions, involve inherent and other risks of injury and death. I voluntarily agree to expressly assume all risks of injury or death that may at any time result from any and all activities organized or promoted by BrincaPlay.

I AGREE TO RELEASE BrincapPlay LLC and its owners, affiliates, insurers, employees, attorneys, agents, representatives, successors-in-interest, and assigns (collectively “Providers”) from all liability for injury, death, and property loss and damage that results from the participant’s participation in activities organized by BrincaPlay, including all liability that results from the negligence or gross negligence of such Providers, or any other person or cause.

I understand that participation carries with it certain inherent risks and dangers that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid accidents, injury or death. I hereby assert that my participation is voluntary and that I knowingly assume all such risks including serious injury or death.

I further agree to defend and indemnify Providers for all loss and damage (including, without limitation the reimbursement of the fees and expenses of attorneys and expert witnesses) arising from claims or lawsuits for personal injury, death, property loss and damage or other losses or damages arising from or related to my participation in all laser tagging activities associated with the laser tag activities organized by BrincaPlay LLC. I understand losses include, without limitation reimbursement of Providers for the fees and expenses of Providers serving as witnesses, preparing for trial, or participating in any proceedings.

This agreement is binding upon the participant’s heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns. I acknowledge that the laws of the State of California govern this agreement. I further agree that any action involving parties or issues relating to or arising out of this agreement must be instituted and prosecuted in the Superior court for Orange County, Florida. If any provision of this agreement is held in whole or in part to be unenforceable for any reason, the remainder of that provision and of the entire agreement will be severable and remain in effect.

I have read this RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT, understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it and have signed it freely and without any inducement or assurance of any nature and intend it be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extend allowed by law.


I, (The renter) have read, understand, and voluntarily agree to BrincaPlay Terms and Conditions and understand that:

  1. I am responsible for following the rules and safe procedures of BrincaPlay in order to protect the equipment and provide a safe environment for me, my guests and any other people that can have access to BrincaPlay’s equipment while is in my possession.
  2. I AGREE TO RELEASE, DEFEND, INDEMNIFY, NOT SUE AND HOLD HARMLESS TYPE BRINCAPLAY, their principals, officers, owners, employees, equipment manufacturers from any claims, damages, (including medical fees, attorney fees), injuries (including disabilities, paralysis and death) and expenses arising out of or resulting from my voluntary attendance/participation at BrincaPlay LLC.

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