BrincaPlay is the best option in Orlando for First Birthday Celebrations

Overwhelmed with ideas and suggestions for the best entertainment to hire at your little one’s first birthday party in Orlando? A soft play area is is full of colour, provides hours of entertainment, and is a safe space for your baby to explore. And with BrincaPlay being a mobile service that can bring all of this straight to your door, we’re here to tell you why BrincaPlay is the best choice for your first birthday celebration…

What is BrincaPlay?

BrincaPlay is a mobile, soft play, rental service that set up soft play areas for events such as birthdays parties, weddings and corporate events. We use the best soft play equipment to guarantee that children are entertained and have the opportunity to socialize with other children in a safe environment.

Weather permitting

The soft play spaces that we set up for you are perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, so there’s no need to panic when heatwaves or thunderstorms are announced on the morning of the big day! You can have your very own indoor playground with BrincaPlay, where young children can explore in an enclosed area, away from all of your breakables.

Clean equipment

You can rest assured that our equipment is clean, and that the children at your first birthday party won’t be subject to all of the germs that usually get left behind on public play equipment. All of our soft play equipment is sanitized before and after use with products that are frangrance and residue free.

Open to all

Any sock wearing adult can accompany their kids into the play area. This can be perfect for parents who want to stay close to slightly younger babies, or just those who want to make the most of an opportunity to bond and explore with their child in a different setting. If you have older children attending the party, they are also more than welcome inside the play areas, and could even adopt the role of babysitter – giving you even more time to relax and enjoy the milestone that your little one has just reached!


Our BrincaPlay soft play area are set up inside a colourful fence. This means that you can rest assured that the children at your party are in a safe environment, whilst having the space to explore and be a bit independent.

The perfect choice for babies and young children 

What really places BrincaPlay as the best option for first birthday parties is it’s suitability for babies and young children. Our soft foam blocks and shapes provide young children with the sensory stimulation they need for development, whilst also helping them to develop gross motor skills through the manipulation and movement of large objects. The items we use are the perfect size for smaller children to be able to climb over and onto, and our ball pit is a brilliant way to keep babies entertained – who doesn’t have a ball pit nestled within their own childhood memories?!

BrincaPlay was designed with children at the forefront, but parents too! We do everything that we can to help your celebration to run as smoothly as possible, by setting up, cleaning and collecting the equipment: we leave you with little to have to manage for the entertainment portion of your birthday party! Aside from this, you can be sure that your tiny guests will have a fantastic time exploring, learning and socializing.

Not convinced? Head over to our Instagram page to see BrincaPlay in action!