BrincaPlay Delivers Fun to Toddlers, Peace of Mind to Parents

Toddlers can turn anything into a game. That’s fine at home or at daycare, but not so fun at a family reunion, a wedding, or even an overbooked play date. Which is why Lake Nona-based BrincaPlay has come to the rescue with the Orlando area’s first mobile soft-play party service.

BrincaPlay brings a safe, fun play area to any venue, from toddler-centered birthday parties and play groups to all-ages events like neighborhood parties, weddings, reunions, and even corporate events. While children socialize and develop their cognitive- and gross-motor skills, parents can relax a bit and enjoy themselves, too.

“Babies and toddlers are naturally the center of attention at parties,” notes BrincaPlay president Alejandra Pizarro, “but there just aren’t many options in the Orlando area for toddler-friendly events: it doesn’t make sense for a wedding venue to maintain a permanent toddler play space, for example. So we decided to bring the play space wherever it needs to be.”

BrincaPlay’s colorful, sturdy play pieces are made of soft foam covered in reinforced vinyl and run from stacking blocks to rocking horses, ball pits to bridges. There’s even a train. For toddlers, that means hours of stepping, climbing, crawling, sliding, and jumping with their friends. For parents, it means a break from bouncy houses and a safe, secure play area where toddlers can explore, take chances, and develop skills without fear of injury.

Soft Play Rental Lake Nona Orlando

Along with the play equipment itself, BrincaPlay offers a variety of play-friendly flooring, outdoor canopies, fences, and even benches for parents and caretakers. Play items are offered for rental in a range of packages designed to entertain small groups of children all the way up to large groups and corporate events. When the fun winds down, all BrincaPlay equipment is sanitized with fragrance-free products.

“Toddlers’ play might seem silly or even mischievous,” observes Pizarro. “But play is how toddlers learn about the world and the people in it. When we’re at an event and find ourselves pointing out that the silverware isn’t a toy, our toddler is probably thinking ‘No, but it’s the closest thing I’ve got to one.’ BrincaPlay gives parents and toddlers alike what they want.”

To book a rental, or to learn more about how BrincaPlay is helping Orlando-area toddlers and their parents, please contact Alejandra Pizarro at 407-603-6932 or, or visit

BrincaPlay is Orlando’s first toddler soft-play equipment rental company. It delivers safe, developmentally appropriate, and fantastically fun play areas to any venue in metro Orlando.